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Special Learning Techniques For Children

Group Therapies for Children

Group Therapies for Children

Learning Consultants was founded in 1962. We have been developing special techniques for group therapy and other services for children, especially for those with learning differences. We have earned an outstanding reputation for our work and our demonstrated success with children.

We realized that the original techniques were more effective in a variety of settings and formats. As a result, not only our staff grew, but also the scope of their services. Today, Learning Consultants include professionals in social work, education, counseling, testing, assessments and psychology.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Learning Consultants’ philosophy is unlike any other agencies that serve children. We focus on the skills and strengths of a child rather than the deficits and problems. Our approach is based on a realistic assessment of every child and family.

We recognize the challenges in our work and the impossibility of changing the past experiences. As a child approaches adolescence, the treatment needs to take advantage of the healthy part of their development. We believe in working with the normal motivational drives of independence and socialization. Our focus in on teaching transferable skills that lead to improved success in school, job, community and family.

Learning Consultants

Our Programs Include Everyone

Our Programs Include Everyone

Our programs serve more than just the child. We follow a total system approach. This includes working with the support of the family, teachers, school counselors, coaches and other professionals who are involved in the child’s life.

We believe individuals grow through successful experiences, the acquisition of skills and accomplishment of goals. By involving those who are considered significant by the child, we greatly enhance the child's ability to succeed.

Our Team

Melissa Bozesky
Melissa C. Bozesky, M.A., LPC

Alex Bearman 2
Alex Bearman, MEd

Katie P. Reed
Katie P. Reed, M.A.

Lindsay Weiss
Lindsay Weiss, M.A., LPC

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